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Name:Mr. Anjar [Marketing]
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Y!: cokurniawan@yahoo.com Y!: cokurniawan
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Address:JL. Mangga Besar IVA No.4, Taman Sari
Jakarta Barat 11150, Jakarta
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Registration Date:Jan. 06, 2009
Last Updated:Dec. 26, 2013
Business Nature:Trade of Electronics & Electrical category

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CV. Ridista
Engaged in Importer and Supplier Products Computer Accessories
Providing quality products at affordable prices
Cheap and Good.

We are a Master Dealer MDISK Brand Computer Accessories Products

Our company has been established since 1990.
and Conducting an gosir penjualn also Menyupplai for Computer Accessories store to store
wholesale computer accessories in and out of town, and menyupplai to government offices and private offices.

We hope that with our experience over 20 years of this already in the field of computer accesories, so we can serve those customers who use products M-disk properly. We also hope that if our customers were satisfied with the services we provide.

CV. Ridista
Opening Opportunities for grocery stores to become a computer dealer / distributor of products throughout Indonesia porduk MDISK

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